Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Puerto Vallarta fishing report

Puerto Vallarta fishing report 
Well We had up and down month not for fishing but to able to go fishing We had a hurracaine a 
few tropical storms but after that was all done and the ocean settle
d down the last week of 
September and this 1st week of October
 has been fantastic Blue and Black Marlin biting at El Banco 
and Corbtena as well as Sailfish and
 lots of big Mahi Mahi.  We also caught several Yellowfin Tuna 
at El banco as well but definitely not as consistent as the Billfish and Mahi mahi bite.  The guy's 
have been catching and releasing Blue and Black Marlin daily the biggest Marlin  last week was a 
600 lb Black Marlin caught and released by Brad Sturm  Mahi Mahi have also 
been bitiing  outside of el morro in open water and off the point of Punta de mita there has been 
Saifish and Mahi mahi as well. Inside banderas bay has been full of Bonitas, needelfish, and Skip 
jacks.  contact us for more info info@puertovallartafish.com

Monday, July 7, 2014

Puerto Vallarta fishing June 2014

Puerto Vallarta fishing report June 2014 
well it has been a pretty good start for Billfish season nothing to big yet the biggest Blue Marlin reported was 
under 300 lbs but it is just the start of Marlin season and We predict We will start seeing some marlin over 500 lbs 
in the next couple weeks. The best bite has been at the rock La Corbetena Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, and a 
few smaller Yellowfin Tuna. The big Yellowfin Tuna bite remains consistent 100+ miles offshore on over night 
charters with Yellowfin Tuna averaging 100-250 lbs.  The bay fishing has been off and on We had 1 week where 
were catching  Sailfish inside the bay which is a great treat but don't count on it lasting to long the most consistent 
bite inside the bay has been smaller Dorado, Jack Crevalle, and Bonitos,  We have also been catching Sailfish at 
El morro but it seems the better fishing is starting to move out to la Corbetena. 

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Puerto Vallarta fishing report May 2014

Puerto Vallarta fishing Report May 2014The weather is heating up and that means it is the start of the Billfish season and Marlin fishing Tournaments in Puerto Vallarta.  Captain Freddy went out on a 10 hour day last Tuesday the 13th and caught the first Black Marlin of the Puerto Vallarta fishing Season after releasing the the big fish captain Freddy said it was about 500 lbs.  He caught the Black Marlin trolling back from el banco about 20 miles off the point of Punta de mita in open water with a Black Bart lure. Sailfish have started biting off the point of punta de mita but have been more plentiful down the north coast by San Pancho. We have also been catching Dorado/ Mahi Mahi in the same area biting mostly live bait. We have also caught 2 smaller Blue Marlin and a striped Marlin in open water.  Corbetena and the bank have been a little cold this last 2 weeks but that should all change soon and We will start seeing a big Marlin at Corbetena read more 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Deep Sea fishing in Puerto Vallarta

Deep sea fishing Puerto Vallarta. If you are serious about catching big Puerto Vallarta fish. Then You need to get out to either 
at least 36 miles offshore to Corbetena or 50 miles offshore to the bank or even further about 70 miles to a 120 miles offshore 
on our over night Deep sea fishing Charters into  north of Marias islands . These are the Puerto Vallarta deep sea 
destinations where you can catch record braking Puerto Vallarta Game fish. Giant Yellowfin Tuna, Blue and Black Marlin, 
Sailfish, Dorado, Wahoo, Grouper, and Red Snapper. www.puertovallartafish.com/deepseafishingpuertovallarta.html

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kite fishing for Yellowfin tuna Puerto Vallarta fishing

We had another epic 2.5 Tuna fishing Charter We found the fish about 120 miles offshore Puerto Vallarta. We caught 7 Yellowfin Tuna in total all in the 100-250 lb range. We left the Marina Vallarta around 7pm on the 1st and Made it out past the 3rd island by about 5am on the 2nd. The 1st morning was slow all We caught was 1 striped Marlin until about 4pm When we finally had our first Yellowfin Tuna bite of the day. About 5 minutes after we had the first tuna in the boat We had a double hook up and all the sudden We had 3 in boat. All 3 of the Tuna took live bait off the kite. After We took a couple of fish photos it was dark and we called it a day. There was alot of squid around so we caught dozen in the night to try Our luck with live squid bait the next day. The next morning was perfect conditions the water temps were between 79-81 degrees and crystal clear but again We had a slow morning We had 2 kites going with live bait and We were also drifting with a couple of rods with live squid well the squid did not do the trick this time but We had 4 more Tuna hit the kite again all on live goggle eye bait. I got lucky and caught 1 Tuna on film taking the bait off the kite also took some great under water video enjoy.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Puerto Vallarta fishing reports March 2014

Puerto Vallarta fishing report March 2014

March 1st fishing report 10 hour day aboard the Ana Maria with captain Freddy Rodriquouz
the guy's fished outside of La Corbrtena rock today caught 3 striped Marlins at the end of the
 day and also caught 3 Dorado during the late morning. The Marlins bit live bait twice and the
3rd struck a lure. The Dorado were caught with live goggle eye bait while trolling.

Puerto Vallarta fishing report March/04/14
captain Cesar Perez went out for a 8 hour day aboard the super panga caught a big
Roosterfish around 30 lbs and 2 jack Crevalle. fishing off the point of Punta de mita
trolling with live bait.

Puerto Vallarta fishing report March/06/14
big day with Captain Cesar perez caught 4 sailfish about 8 miles off the point of 
Punta de mita and 2 Mahi  mahi the fishing on a 8 hour day aboard the 29 ft Super panga.

Puerto Vallarta fly fishing report March/08/14
Captain Cesar had another great day on the super panga went out on a 6 hour 
fly fishing trip and caught 1 sailfish and 3 Crevalle.Haven’t been on a trip where 
I couldnt fight another fish one sail and four Jacks one on a 11 weight fly rod in
just a couple of hours.  Cesar and the mate were excellent.
Said client Paul N. Summers

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