Sunday, November 10, 2013

Puerto Vallarta fishing Report November 2013

Puerto Vallarta fishing Report November 2013 
Captain Steve Torres picked us up at the Paradise Village Dock  and what a boat! The 35ft. Cabo was even better 
that I had expected. The crew had a full lineup of Calstars and Tiburons as well as every tool, lure, and accessory 
you could possibly think of. The head was super clean with a nice shower and the A/C was awesome! We headed 
out at about 10 knots to the outer banks. In the morning we had arrived and picked up a nice wahoo and dorado 
right off the bat. Within a half hour we say what looked like dolphins in the distance. As we approached it became 
clear that they were tuna..Big Tuna. We saw 100 to 200lber's jumping completely out of the water and putting on a 
show that would impress even the most seasoned angler. We were able to pick up two both in the 150 class. My 
fish was extra mean and kicked my ass on 80lb and a HX raptor. Around 2 hours later I finally had the fish..He had 
teased me by staying around 15 feet down, just out of gaff range for the last 15 minutes. We were unfortunately not 
able to find the school again after the long fight but we did find some other schools that just didn't want to play. It 
appeared that they were feeding on very small bait that was everywhere. We made squid that night and fished hard 
the second day. Day two was much slower but Steve Torres managed to put us on a double Blue Marlin hookup! 
Both fish fought hard and came up dead. I couldn't believe how much fight was in these marlin..I am used to 
strippers but the bigger blues can put the hurts on you. see more info at