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Puerto Vallarta fishing report September 2015

Puerto Vallarta fishing report September 2015 As we head into the high season for Puerto Vallarta fishing all the signs have been good this last weeek El moro has been showing alot of life We have been catching Sailfish, Roosterfish  the sailfish have been between 60 -120 lbs and mostly biiting live bait, the Roosterfish have been big between 20- 40 lbs and also biting live bait.  Further offshore at Corbetena We have been catching Grouper and the occasional Blue Marlin. El banco or the Bank 50 miles offshore is where the Blue Marlin have been hiding and is also producing alot of Sailfish as well. I am very excited to see what will be caught this October and November.  This is the time of the year when the 300 lb Tunas and 500 lb Marlin are caught and dont forget Puerto Vallarta will also be hosting its 60th Anniversary Sailfish and Marlin tournament in Mid November see full report here

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Classic Puerto Vallarta fishing reports September

Classic Puerto Vallarta fishing reports from September Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, and Yellowfin Tuna. This is the time of the year you see those triple crown day's and 300lb Yellowfin Tuna

Puerto Vallarta fishing Report September 26 2010 8 Yellowfin tunas 2 big ones,  reached El Banco about 8 am and it was wide open the tuna’s were boiling the guys caught 6 smaller tunas early in morning and 2 big girls in the afternoon after 1pm. day 2 We hit the Bank about 9 am lots of boats but no bait and no bite heard on the radio lots of captains were having the same problem so We decided to troll lures. About an hour of trolling at the bank and there was a big splash behind the boat a nice blue Marlin not hooked just leaping behind the boat it seriously almost jumped aboard it had to be running from something this thing was going nuts one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen I wish I had it on film.The bite was very slow at the Bank nothing like the day before and still no bait so we decided to go back to Corbetena and maybe pick something up on the way, about ½ hr later we had our first bite a small mahi mahi, about 20 minutes after that a We reeled in a nice Sailfish and released, 30 minutes after the Sailfish We reached Corbetena lots of bait we caught 4 baits finally and started trolling, about 4:30PM in afternoon we got a big bite a giant tuna to finish off the day. enjoythe video.

My friend (Ricky Clark) and I went out fishing two days this week (Monday & Tuesday). We had a third friend with us, but on the first day the seas were 12-14 foot rollers and raining, so he decided to stay home the second day of fishing, big mistake. We were fishing a board a 35' Cabo part of the PV Sport fishing fleet. Tuesday morning we headed out to "El Banko"/"The Banks" around 5:30AM, the day was beautiful, sun shining and calm seas. Our first hook up was a 200-250lb Blue Marlin, I lost the fish about 20 minuets in the fight to the hook coming out. The baits were in the water for only 10 minuets before we hooked up. After I lost the Blue, my friend Ricky hooked into a Striped Marlin and landed the 80lb fish in 15 minuets. The second we released the fish the caption saw a swirl behind the boat about 40 yards, he tossed out a live bait and we were hooked up again with a 300lb Blue Marlin. I landed the fish in about 20-25 minuets, released unharmed. It was again Ricky's turn on the chair, after about one hour, he hooked into a 400-450lb Black Marlin, this fish, was pissed, jumped at least 20 times in the first 5 minuets of the fight and through the hook back at us. Ricky was disappointed but enjoyed the fight, by the way, my friend Ricky had never been Marlin fishing prior to our trip. What a day! The biggest excitement of the trip came on the next hook up, we had been fishing for about 1-2 hours before the "Big Bite". The captain yelled, "Monster Marlin" and about that time the fish hit the bait and the fight was on. I fought the fish for about 2hrs, I had it at the boat four times, every time I thought the fight was over, it would rip out another 300+yards of line. At this point I thought I was going to die... Finally on the fifth time to the boat the fish was done, tired out, as was I. At this point we all noticed the fish had swallowed the hook, J-hook!!! I hate this part of the story because we are always catch and release anglers and this fish was almost dead. After cutting the line and trying to revive the fish for ten minuets it showed no signs of recovering, the fish died. Great reason to ALWAYS use circle hooks...for now on I will require them or will not go out. I was told the fish will be used to feed many, many families in P.V. and I'm going to mount the head of the fish on the wall, only because it died and that will be a replica. So, we ended up with five hook up's that day, 2-Black Marlin, 1-Stripe, and 2-Blue. All were released except the Big Black. In the pictures I'm sending you will see the "Big Black" flying through the air in two pic's and two pic's back at the marina later that night. The "Big Black" weighed in at 756lbs, 14' long, 66" in girth. The fish was caught on 100lb test and 150lb leader. My biggest fish to date! Enjoy the pictures! Brad Owings

Angler report Larry Haynes. For years I've had the dream of catching a 200+lb Cow 300+ lber in the same trip! My wife, son Eric, and I fished with Capt Torres 17 & 18 Sept....AWESOME TEAM (like I need to tell anyone). Original plans were to fish 18 and 21 Sept, and try and squeeze a trip in with Capt Manny (didn't happen, but there's a next time!), but with all the computer models saying that that Tropical Storm Karl was going to pass over the PV area on that day, I decided to ask them to switch dates from the 21st to the 17th...just to be certain to get the fishing in. Day 1 Met Capt and crew at the lighthouse at 0600, did the meet and greet thing, got food, fuel, bait and on our way. Hit the rock, made bait rather quickly and lines in the water just as fast as the bait was coming in. About 0920, and raining like heck, the first bite was on. Our son Eric was in the driver's seat and it was "game on" for the next hour on a 200+ pound Blue. After that, things went cold for a couple hours when the next bite was on. The battle didn't last long, because the hook either pulled, or the fish spit it out. I just know that it had some real shoulders on it. A bit later we bagged a 75 lb yellow fin and things went quite again....Capt Steve said, the bit will turn back on about 1 p.m., so we just cooled our heels and trolled around to see what we could pick up. Like clock work, at 1:04 the next bite was on.....then off.....a bit later....another.....and then off.....then another......Dang it. We then plowed the water for a few hours when the next bit was on. While fighting this fish, a school of big tuna were jumping all around the boat - it was crazy cool seeing 50-100lbers jumping all around me, while fighting the first dream fish. 1 hour later, a 200+ lb cow lay on the deck and I was about 10lbs lighter from sweating. Day 2 Same as day 1....greatings, bait, fuel and back to the rock. Wife was up first this day....0900-ish she lock's up with a nice bull doroado. After a decent fight, she bagged the bull and was ready for more. After a lul in the action....Our son reeled in a really nice Wahoo. A little while later, Capt Steve tells Freddy, who just caught a big skippy, to put it on the down-rigger at about 100 ft. Approximately 30 minutes after setting the bait at 100 ft, the big one hit - I've never seen a fish take so much line, so fast. The reel was at the Spectra in a flash. The fight was on....and on.....and on....1 1/2 hours later, the 300 lber was brought on the boat and I was exhausted. Day one....200+ lb Blue, 75lb yellow fin, and a 200+ lb Cow Day two....Bull Dorado, a nice wahoo, and a 300+ lb Cow Enjoy the pics! Larry Haynes

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Captain Steve Torres sets Marlin record in international Marlin tournament Mexico

1st place international Marlin record in San Blas international Sportfishing Tournament 576 lbs

Full  Marlin fishing report
 Day 1 1st day of the tournament captain Steve decided to head north we had spotted some big Dorados in the same area the day before and decided to test our luck but it was cold not even a bite. 

Day 2 Captain Steve said we are going to the bank to troll some big live baits and catch a Marlin around 10 am thats exactly what happened the black hit a live skip jack leaped in the air and the fight was on1 hour 10 minutes later the beast was on the boat great fight great video of the black marlin leaping in the air the Black Marlin set a new record for San Blas Tournament 517 lbs!!

Day 3
We hit the bank again lots of bait and smaller tuna's we hooked 3
 smaller yellowfin tuna's in the morning all about 30-40 lbs then decided to troll back slow and see if we pick anything up, around 1 pm We had a big Dorado strike the crew reeled in the big Dorado in about 10 minutes and We headed back. The first 2 days there had not been any qualifiing Mahi mahi so we headed back for weigh ins and thought we had won Dorado also but 10 minutes to 6pm We were knocked down by .8 of a kilo so we took 2nd place Dorado 33 lbs and 1st place Marlin 517 lbs Great Tournament We will definetly be back next year

31 ft My Marlin
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35 ft Cabo 

 Puerto Vallarta fishing report inshore

Fishing review Yellowfin Tuna 
Fishing review Tuna, Dorado, and Wahoo
Fishing reviews Yellowfin Tuna

US 253-238-3988
MX 322-120-9696

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Puerto Vallarta fishing report August 2015 Marlin and Sailfish

Puerto Vallarta fishing report August 2015 it has been an up and down month of fishing the Blue Marlin bite has stayed consistent at el banco with a few days of smaller tuna as well the blue Marlin have been averaging 200 to 400 lbs and the Tuna 40 to 80 lbs. the most recnt report offshore is from the My Marlin boat captain Steve went out for a 12 hr day last week on the 28th and caught 1 Blue Marlin and a 150 lb Shark. And Hugh Scott caught a huge 9 and 1/2 ft Sailfish aboard the Animal House on the 29th. Corbetena has been producing Sailfish and Dorado have been biting a little north of the rock averaging 15 to 40 lbs inshore there are still Jack Crevalle, and Skip jacks and for you anglers lookin for Roosterfish there bitiing but about 50 miles in a cove just past the lighthouse.