Friday, September 4, 2015

Captain Steve Torres sets Marlin record in international Marlin tournament Mexico

1st place international Marlin record in San Blas international Sportfishing Tournament 576 lbs

Full  Marlin fishing report
 Day 1 1st day of the tournament captain Steve decided to head north we had spotted some big Dorados in the same area the day before and decided to test our luck but it was cold not even a bite. 

Day 2 Captain Steve said we are going to the bank to troll some big live baits and catch a Marlin around 10 am thats exactly what happened the black hit a live skip jack leaped in the air and the fight was on1 hour 10 minutes later the beast was on the boat great fight great video of the black marlin leaping in the air the Black Marlin set a new record for San Blas Tournament 517 lbs!!

Day 3
We hit the bank again lots of bait and smaller tuna's we hooked 3
 smaller yellowfin tuna's in the morning all about 30-40 lbs then decided to troll back slow and see if we pick anything up, around 1 pm We had a big Dorado strike the crew reeled in the big Dorado in about 10 minutes and We headed back. The first 2 days there had not been any qualifiing Mahi mahi so we headed back for weigh ins and thought we had won Dorado also but 10 minutes to 6pm We were knocked down by .8 of a kilo so we took 2nd place Dorado 33 lbs and 1st place Marlin 517 lbs Great Tournament We will definetly be back next year

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