Yellowfin Tuna fishing

Yellowfin Tuna fishing in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

What are the best months of the year for Big Yellowfin tuna In Puerto Vallarta?
July - December. also check out our Puerto Vallarta fishing reports page  to see Yellowfin tuna reports

What type of bait do you use to catch big Yellowfin tuna in Puerto Vallarta? 
Skip Jack and Goggle eyes.

How long of a fishing Charter should I book if I want to catch  Yellowfin tuna in Puerto Vallarta? 
You need a 10-14 hour day to catch Yellowfin Tuna In Puerto Vallarta depending on
season sometimes a over night trip 80-125 miles offshore is where the bite is see our
over night video here 

Why so long? 
The Tuna fishing in Puerto Vallarta is offshore normally at least 36 miles sometimes up to 125 miles so you need to give yourself some time Yellowfin tuna are a great game fish to catch but  not a simply task.

Is it better to fish for Yellowfin tuna at La Corbetena or the Bank ?
It just depends on the day sometimes the Bank is hot sometimes La Corbetena that's fishing.

How long does it take to reel in a big Yellowfin tuna?
The Yellowfin tuna is most well known for a great fight depending on size and 
experience of the angler it can take  30 minutes or up to 3 hours.

How Many Tuna's can I expect to catch on my Puerto Vallarta fishing Charter?
Limit is 5 Yellowfin tuna's per fishermen

Do You Practice catch and release with Yellowfin Tuna?

Yes We like to tag and release  but it is not enforced.

Can I get taxidermy done of my Puerto Vallarta Yellowfin Tuna?

Yes We offer Professional taxidermy service just ask your captain on Your fishing
charter and he will give you the details after your big catch.

Can We take our Fresh yellowfin Tuna home?
Yes You can have your fresh Tuna freezed and bring up to 50 lbs per person back 
on your flight. some airlines differ.

How do you fish for Yellowfin tuna in Puerto Vallarta?
There are a couple diffrent way's to fish for Yellowfin tuna You can troll with
outriggers, and down riggers, with live or Plastic, or Drifting syestem , casting live bait,
 You can also use a  Kite  or helium Ballon fishing system.

Do Yellowfin tuna travel in Schools?
Yes Big Feeding Schools with the Smaller Tuna at the top and Bigger Yellowfin Tuna at the bottom.

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