Saturday, August 8, 2015

Puerto Vallarta fishing report

Puerto Vallarta fishing report July 2015 Marlin, Sharks, and Sailfish It has been a great month of fishing every day seemed a little different offshore We were never sure what We would catch but every day seemed to pruduce Marlin, Sailfish, Shark, Tuna or Dorado. surpisingly the last week the consitent bite was Sharks. The My Marlin has been going offshore 35-50 miles daily and having big hook ups they caught a big Blue Marlin yesterday July 24 fishing about 6 miles outside of Corbetena as well as a Shark and a Sailfish. Earlier in the week nailed a big Dorado, couple of Yellowfin Tuna, and alot of Sailfish. We also had some big waves during the middle of the month thanks to the Hurracaine other then the one day We had take off made for great fishing the rest of the week angler from the UK Philip Mathias caught a nice 300 lb Blue Marlin as well Sharks, in the rough Waters see in photo below we normally like to release all Billfish but this Marlin choked on big live bait and died quick came into the boat belly up so there was no reviving this one but all the meat was giving to local families and I'm sure was enjoyed at a few different babecues so nothing went to waste. Inshore fishing has really slowed down there is still alot of Bonitas, and Jacks to be caught with a few smaller Dorado here and there but other then that if you want to catch someting over 10 lbs offshore fishing is where it is at. For a more updated Puerto Vallarta fishing report please contact us