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Puerto Vallarta fishing review Striped Marlin

Puerto Vallarta fishing review Striped Marlin 

I've fished with PV fishing before and have always been treated right and been 
successful. This time Damon hooked me up with Captain Scooby and Mario a.k.a. 
"Chicken" on the "Guana Tuna II" I arrived at 8:00 a.m. on a cruise ship. Scooby 
met me at the marina dock on time and as planned. 

Scooby asked me what fish I wanted to catch. I told him it was my dream to catch a 
marlin but, I understood that was a difficult request to fill and that I was willing to 
fish for whatever was biting. He insisted on fishing for what I wanted. He said he 
had seen several marlin the day before and assured me we had a good chance of 
getting back on them. However, we would need to go further offshore and fish 
longer than I had booked. He arranged with me to make this dream a reality.

I saw more whale activity and sea turtles than I could keep track of, not to mention 
dolphins and an 8 foot hammer head shark that swam right next to the boat. Going 
beyond Punta Mita some distance we began trolling six lines including 2 

Within the first half hour of getting our lines wet we saw three marlin and Scooby 
skillfully helped me hook one of them. He said, "Enjoy your fish!" Which I did for a 
full 35 minutes. It was an awesome experience. The sweat was rolling down my 
face, I was out of breath and my arms were burning. I caught an 8' 2" long 140 lb. 
Striped Marlin. A dream come true!!! Scooby and Mario celebrated with me as if 
we had been life long friends.

We continued fishing, but only saw one more marlin that didn't bite. We may have 
spooked him as he was close to the boat before we saw him. At the end of the day 
we fished for marlin back into the Banderas Bay past Punta Mita. Scooby then 
switched to smaller lures to fish for Bonita & Jacks. In a quick order I caught a 
Sierra Mackerel, 3 Blue Runners and 5 Bonita. It was fast and furious. At one time 
the lines got tangled and I reeled in three at once. I hate to complain, but I got a 
muscle cramp in my forearm. Is there such a thing as too many fish? On the run 
back to the marina, with a smile on my face, my shirt got soaked from ocean spray 
as I basked in whales and the setting sun. What an end to an awesome day!

Upon returning to the dock, Scooby filleted one of the bonita I caught and made 
some fresh ceviche then served it to me with some tortilla chips to celebrate my 
catch. What a fitting close to the best day of deep sea fishing I have ever had. 
Scooby then called a taxi for me and walked me to the pick up point where the taxi 
returned me to the cruise ship with plenty of time to board before we set sail.

Thank you PV Sportfishing, Damon, Captain Scooby and "Chicken" for making my 
marlin dream come true in a truly memorable way. I will never forget. I will return to 
fish with PV Sportfishing and Capt. Scooby again. I recommend this fishing 
adventure to others.

Wow!!! It was pretty amazing!!! Dreams really do come true!!!

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