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Fishing the Bisbee's Tournament with PV Sportfishing

Fishing the Bisbee's Tournament with PV Sportfishing

Classic Tournament fishing report with PV Sportfishing. 
Eastcape offshore Black and Blue Bisbee's Marlin tournament report July 27,28,29, 2011 with captain Steve Torres. Lots of fish just not to big, with over 60 boats competing this year there was only 1 marlin that qualified in all 3 days of the tournament, But that’s fishing you never know when the big Marlin is going to bite. Day 1 Great conditions blue flat seas but we were having trouble finding the bigger skippies we wanted for a big Marlin sure you can catch big Marlin with smaller bait but you will have much better luck with bigger baits. Steve Torres hooked up a nice Blue Marlin around 1pm but not quite a qualifier but still a nice fish so Freddy released her and that was about it for day 1.

We had much better luck in the morning caught 8 big skippies right off the bat and starting trolling one problem no big Marlin?? We caught a nice sailfish around 11 am We reeled her in fast and then released the Sail, and we were back on the Marlin hunt around 3pm a big Black Marlin hit a lure but did not bite very disappointing but you cant win them all seems all the other boats had the same luck as we did couple strikes nothing to big.

Day 3 Same deal great conditions and lots of big bait we caught 8 big skip jacks early in the morning found a nice school of mahi and even picked up a small Yellowfin Tuna to troll for Marlin. 1st bite of the day was a 6 or 7 ft tiger shark great that’s one bait gone to waste Pinche Tiburon!! 2nd bite of the day was a big Blue Marlin definitely a qualifier but took one leap and spit the hook and that was that. Around 1pm We had our 3rd strike of the day not a Marlin but a nice sized Mahi mahi. As soon as the crew put the baits back in the water less than 5 minutes later we had a double hook up Freddy had a small Dorado on the line and We reeled in a Striped Marlin probable around 100+ lbs We released both fish and that was the end of the day. So we basically caught everything except a Big Marlin but like i said before that's fishing. We headed back to the weigh station to see if maybe we won the daily jackpot for Dorado but came up a little short 36.3 lbs still a nice Dorado and great tournament. Overall it was a great adventure see full video below

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