Thursday, October 10, 2013

Puerto Vallarta Marlin fishing

Puerto Vallarta Marlin fishing
Puerto Vallarta Marlin fishing, every big anglers dream is to encounter and catch a huge Black Marlin
 and the Puerto Vallarta fishing ground is a summer home for these beasts the average Black Marlin size in
 PuertoVallarta fishing waters is 200-500 lbs, the biggest Marlin I've seen was the Blue on our home page
1155 lbs. The Tournament Record was broken by our Captain, Steve Torres in 2007  July's Tuna
and Marlin Tournament held in La Cruz Marina in Nayarit the new record for banderas bay was
 set 322 kilos 708 lbs.
 Check our latest 1st place Marlin video's
Big Marlins love warm water between 80-87 degrees in the middle of the ocean this is what makes
Puerto Vallarta such a great feeding ground there are 2 hot spots for Marlin 36 miles from the
Marina Vallarta a rock named Corbetena, and 50 miles offshore is the Bank these are the 2 places
where all the bigger Puerto Vallarta Sportfish are caught.  The Bank or El Banco is basically huge
under water island where the seas can go from 1,000 to 200 ft in seconds. PV Sportfishing
encourages and supports catch and release with all Billfish We do fish Marlin tournaments that
you can see from all the Marlin photos but on regular day's other then Marlin tournaments captain
Steve catches and releases 90% of the Billfish. 
Puerto Vallarta fishing is blessed as 1 of the best
Marlin fishing grounds in the world and We want to keep it that way.

We fish for Marlin with live bait Bonita's Skip Jacks, other types of tuna and BB lures, trolling with
6 lines and 2 to 4 teasers.Tiburon Reels equipped with Diamond line, Flouro Carbon leader, and
Mustad hooks. see more info at

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