Puerto Vallarta fishing report

Puerto Vallarta fishing report November 2017
Blue and Black Marlin bite has been the most exciting bite so far we have caught several Black Marlin over 500 lbs and the Blue Marlin bite is hot as well. The Marlin have been biting live bait or Lures trolling offshore at either Corbetena or el Banco on 10-12 hour fishing charters. Check out the big Black Marlin photo the Animal house on November 8th. Now that we have reached the middle of November the water is starting to cool down a little and We are starting to see some winter fish see full Puerto Vallarta fishing report November 2017
Marlin, Sailfish, and Yellowfin All of October the big game fishing has been great. Pretty much every fishing charter offshore has been successful and we have caught big game fish whether it was Marlin, Sailfish, or Yellowfin Tuna. The most consistent bite of October has been Blue and Black Marlin fishing offshore on 10 and 12 hour Read full Puerto Vallarta fishing report October 2017

Marlin Sailfish, and Yellowfin Tuna offshore and Jack Crevalle, Bonitas, and few days of smaller Tuna inshore. The offshore fishing has really picked up and Corbetena and el Banco We have been catching Black and Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish, and a few Sharks. The big Cow Yellowfin Tuna seem to remain further offshore but there has been a good afternoon bite at Corbetena for smaller Tuna 10-50 lbs. Captain Jose caught a huge Black Marlin last week close to Corbetena trolling aboard the Luhrs on the 20th seen in photo below. For a more recent Puerto Vallarta fishing report please contact us info@puertovallartafish.com

Puerto Vallarta fishing report August 2017 

We have seen alot of rain this month which is normal for August the rain has been falling in early morning and late afternoons but normally only for about 30 minutes. So if its predicting cloudy weather the day of your trip do not worry about it. Unless it is dangerous it is only going to help the fishing and you most likely will only see rain on the way out to the fishing grounds. OK now back to fishing August has been a up and down month but seems to have gotten better as the month reached its end. The offshore bite has been consistent in the sense we have been catching alot of fish but every day seems to be different species of fish. We have been catching Cubera Snapper, Yellowfin Tuna, Blue Marlin, Sharks, and Sailfish offshore on 10-12 hour charters. We have also seen Sailfish, Jack Crevalle, and Red Snapper, and el moro and inside the bay the Jack Crevalle are still biting along with other smaller fish. For more updated fishing report please contact us. info@puertovallartafish.com

Puerto Vallarta fishing report July 2017 

Though Marlin season has begun it has not been very plentiful. We have been catching Blue Marlin and Sailfish here and there but not every day more like a few a week. Inshore the Jack Crevalle bite has continued to be consistent and off the point of Punta de Mita We have seen a few Sailfish and smaller Dorado. Smaller Yellowfin Tuna have been biting by Corbetena and close to the bank as well as big Tuna offshore past the 2nd island. Team Martuni won 1st place Marlin at the 11th Annual Marlin and Tuna Tournament. Captain Cesar Perez won 1st place Sailfish catch and release the fishing was a little slow for the tournament but it was alot of fun and a great tournament overall. contact us for more info email info@puertovallartafish.com

Puerto Vallarta fishing report June 2017
The offshore Tuna grounds are exploding with big Yellowfin Tuna averaging 100-300 lbs. If you do not have time for overnight Tuna charter don't worry we caught the first Blue and Black Marlins of the season last week. It looks like it is going to be a great big game fishing season this year in Puerto Vallarta. Closer off the point of Punta de Mita and further down the north coast We have been catching Sailfish and few smaller Dorado. Inshore it has been a great couple weeks so far in June we had a couple days read full Puerto Vallarta fishing report June 2017

Puerto Vallarta fishing report May 2017
The water is starting to heat up and we starting to see more Sailfish biting at el banco and down the north coast by San Pancho. The 57th Annual Sailfish and Marlin tournament will be held June 21st which normally marks the beginning of Marlin season and when We will see the first big Marlin bite of the year last year captain Cesar won with a 543 lb Marlin which set a new Marlin record see full tournament report. Inside Banderas bay we have been catching alot of Jack Crevalle, Spanish Mackeral, and Bonitas off the point of Punta De Mita We have been seeing big Amber Jack and red snappers, and also a few smaller Dorado. The Big Cow Tuna are still biting past the 3rd Island 120 + miles offshore teh average size has been 150-250 lb Tuna see more overnight charter reports.

Puerto Vallarta fishing report April 2017
The water temps are still cold but are starting to heat up and we have seen alot of action this last week outside the bay by Sayulita and San Pancho we are catching alot of Sailfish averaging between 45-90 lbs. El Moro and Corbetena have been producing Cubera and Red Snappers. Inshore there has been alot of action and clients have had alot of fun fly fishing and conventional catching Jack Crevalle, Skip Jacks, Bonitas, Spanish Mackeral. and other small species. If you are after Big Yellowfin Tuna the Good Nwes is they are biting and the average size has been between 80-300 lbs but they are biting 125 miles offshore which you need a overnight charter to get that far offshore.

Puerto Vallarta fishing report March 2017 
The Cow Tuna fishing has exploded this last week but if you want to catch one of these game fish get ready for a long trip because the hot bite is 120 + miles offshore so you need a 3.5 day charter to get that far offshore. inshore fishing is where most of action has been hat either iinsdei Banderas Bay and off the point of punta de Mita by Islas Marietas. We have been catching Spanish Mackeral, Sea Bass and Jack Crevalle.

Puerto Vallarta fishing report February 2017 

The Puerto Vallarta water has been cooling down and we are starting to see more winter fish like Striped Marlin and Roosterfish. The Roosterfish have been biting off the point and dow south and the striped Marlin mostyly have been caught offshore. Inside Banderas bay there has been lots of Spanish Mackeral, and Jack Crevalle, offshore at el banco and corbetena we have seen few Blue Marlin still left at Corbetena and el Banco along with Football sized Yellowfin Tuna as well.

Puerto Vallarta fishing report January 2017 

The water has really cooled down these last couple weeks and we have started to see more Roosterfish biting off point of Punta de Mita. The warmest water has been north of the point close to Sayulita where We have found Smaller sized Dorado averaging 10-25 lbs. With the water cooling down most of the Blue and Black Marlin have moved on but captain Cesar did start off the new year with a nice Blue Marlin He caught at Cobetena but that is the only Marlin report I have heard in the new year. The Yellowfin Tuna are bitiing 70+ miles offshore and the over night Tuna charters have been very succesful The Yellowfin Tuna seem to be growing in size 200+ but difficult to catch. inshore fishing thre has been alot of smaller Action Jack Crevalle, Bonitas, and Spanish Mackeral.

Puerto Vallarta fishing Report November 2016

The offshore fishing at El banco and Corbetena has been red hot Yellowfin Tuna have been biting outside of the bank a little over 55 miles offshore and along with Blue Marlin and Sailfish. Sailfish and Blue Marlin have also bee caught at Corbetena 36 miles offshore but if you want Tuna past el banco is where you want to go. The Tuna and Marlin have been biting live baits big skip jacks and biting on slow troll this is the same technique we have been using for Sailfish and Marlin. The days We could not find Marlin or Tuna still turned out great We also have been catching Big Pargo, Dorado, and Wahoo. Inshore has been good as well there has been alot of smaller Roosterfish, and Jack Crevalle. and a few smaller Dorado as well.

Puerto Vallarta fishing report October 2016 Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado and more. 

 La Corbetena and El Banco have been red hot producing Blue and Black Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, Yellowfin Tuna and more. Team Animal House won 3rd place Marlin with a 408 Marlin and the Tuna fishing is really heating up at Corbetena which is a great sign that We will start seeing 300 lb Cow Tuna in the next couple weeks. that you will not have to go on an overnight charter to find. The Marlin have been biting live bait slow trolling and the tuna have been biting live bait as well slow trolling or drifiting. Sailfish have not been as conistent as Marlin which is a surprise but it has just been that good of a Marlin Season this year.

Puerto Vallarta fishing report September 2016 

It has been another great month of fishing the Blue and Black Marlin have been red hot at Corbetena and El Banco as well Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish, and Dorado. The most consistent bite has been Marlin so all you Anglers looking to catch a Billfsh of lifetime now is the time to come down to Puerto Vallarta. The Marlin have been averging 100-300 lbs with a few over 500 lbs. Most of the Marlin have been caught with live bait slow trolling. I know the next questions anglers will ask is it better at the Bank or Corbetena and the answer is every other day has been different one day it is hot at el banco another day more Marlin have been caught at Corbetena. The inshore fishing is heating up as well you will not find any big fish inside the bay but you will find alot of action Jack Crevalle, Spanish Mackeral and there has also been a few smaller Dorado as well. contact us for more info.

Puerto Vallarta fishing Report July 2016
it has been a great month of fishing in Puerto Vallarta the Marlin bite is wide open at Corbetena and el banco the Largest Marlin of the year was caught this month which was over 800 lbs and captain Cesar won the 10th Annual Marlin and Tuna Tournament with a 390 lb Blue Marlin July 16th at Paradise Village. Inshore fishing there has been alot of Jack Crevalle, and Bonitas. and also biting with the Marlin offshore has been smaller Yellowfin Tuna and few Cubera Snapper as well.

Puerto Vallarta fishing report June 2016 
 PV Sportfishing Captain Cesar Perez sets new Marlin record at the 56th International Marlin and Sailfish Tournament held in San Blas. Captain Cesar Perez caught the huge blue with live bait trolling in his matching blue super panga the Pacific it was a great fishing tournament this year there was a reported 92 boats that entered and captain Cesar won both Sailfish and Marlin.

Puerto Vallarta fishing report May 2016 

Not alot has changed since my last report the Yellowfin Tuna are still biting 60 + miles offshore on 14 hour or over night charters. We have caught a couple of Blue Marlin trolling in the same area as well. For May the Sailfish bite has been very slow but 2 small Sailfish were caught inside the bay last week which is a good sign that we will see alot more in the next couple weeks. The most action other then the 14 hour or overnight charters has been inside the bay we have been catching lots of Jack Crevalle, and Bonitas. and 8 hour charters off the point we have caught mix batch of African Pompano, Roosterfish, Jack Crevalle, and Red Snappers.

Puerto Vallarta fishing report April 2016 
 The Yellowfin Tuna bite continues to be red hot 60-70 miles offshore Puerto Vallarta on 14 hour and overnight fishing charters the tunas have been averaging 50-200 lbs I am still waiting to see the first 300 lb + cow Tuna of the fishing season and how the tuna bite has been it looks like it will be soon. El Banco and La Corbetena our main 2 offshore spots have been cold this last week. Marietas and el moro We have been catching Roosterfish, African Pompano, and Jack Crevalle. Inside Banderas bay has been full of smaller Jack Crevalle, Needlefish, and Bonitas.

Puerto Vallarta fishing report August 2015 it has been an up and down month of fishing the Blue Marlin bite has stayed consistent at el banco with a few days of smaller tuna as well the blue Marlin have been averaging 200 to 400 lbs and the Tuna 40 to 80 lbs. the most recnt report offshore is from the My Marlin boat captain Steve went out for a 12 hr day last week on the 28th and caught 1 Blue Marlin and a 150 lb Shark. And Hugh Scott caught a huge 9 and 1/2 ft Sailfish aboard the Animal House on the 29th. Corbetena has been producing Sailfish and Dorado have been biting a little north of the rock averaging 15 to 40 lbs inshore there are still Jack Crevalle, and Skip jacks and for you anglers lookin for Roosterfish there bitiing but about 50 miles in a cove just past the lighthouse.

Puerto Vallarta fishing report July 2015 
Marlin, Sharks, and Sailfish It has been a great month of fishing every day seemed a little different offshore We were never sure what We would catch but every day seemed to pruduce Marlin, Sailfish, Shark, Tuna or Dorado. surpisingly the last week the consitent bite was Sharks. The My Marlin has been going offshore 35-50 miles daily and having big hook ups they caught a big Blue Marlin yesterday July 24 fishing about 6 miles outside of Corbetena as well as a Shark and a Sailfish. Earlier in the week nailed a big Dorado, couple of Yellowfin Tuna, and alot of Sailfish. We also had some big waves during the middle of the month thanks to the Hurracaine other then the one day We had take off made for great fishing the rest of the week angler from the UK Philip Mathias caught a nice 300 lb Blue Marlin as well Sharks, in the rough Waters see in photo below we normally like to release all Billfish but this Marlin choked on big live bait and died quick came into the boat belly up so there was no reviving this one but all the meat was giving to local families and I'm sure was enjoyed at a few different babecues so nothing went to waste. Inshore fishing has really slowed down there is still alot of Bonitas, and Jacks to be caught with a few smaller Dorado here and there but other then that if you want to catch someting over 10 lbs offshore fishing is where it is at. For a more updated Puerto Vallarta fishing report please contact us

Puerto Vallarta fishing report June 2015 
The Summer is here and the offshore fishing has expoloded this last week of June with Blue Marlin, Sailfish, and Dorado biting about 10-15 miles past el morro. The Blue Marlin have been biting lures slow trolling, The sailfish have been after live baits, casting and trolling. Blue Marlin have been averging 150-300 lbs and the Sailfish between 60-100 lbs. Inshore fishing has been on and off still alot of Jacks, and Bonitas, but not much else El moro has been hot with smaller cubera snappers averging 5-15 lbs one of my favorite fish to fry up to eat. the 8th intgernational Tuna Marlin tournament will be held this month July 24th at Paradise village

Puerto Vallarta fishing Report May 2015 
Inshore fishing continues to be red Hot with Jack Crevalle, Spanish Mackeral, and Small Red Snapper. Offshore the Billfish has really picked up We have been catching Striped Marlin and Sailfish with a few Dorado here and there the Striped Marlin have been biting live bait slow trolling the Sailfish Slow trolling and casting live bait . Past the 3rd Island 120 miles offshore the bigger Tuna bite has picked up as well averging catch has been 150-250 lb Yellowfin Tuna on 2.5 day Charters. The Rock or Corbetena has been prodcing some great bottom fishing off the rocks for big Grouper up to 50 lbs.

Puerto Vallarta fishing report April 2015 

The Billfish and Dorado continue to bite offshore at el banco and down the north coast by Gauybitos captain Steve caught a huge 60 lb Dorado/ Mahi mahi on the My Marlin last week trolling with live bait outside of El Banco. The Billfish have consisted of Striped Marlin, Sailfish, and crazy as it sounds this time of the year there are still a few Blue Marlin biting as well. The Yellowfin Tuna bite has continued to be red hot offshore 70+ miles average size 100-200 lbs inside banderas bay the Jack Crevalle bite has been nuts great fish for beginners or seasoned anglers that just want alot of action.

Puerto Vallarta fishing report March 2015

though We had a few slow day's starting out the month the Puerto Vallarta inshore and offshore fishing has picked back up and We have been catching big Amber jack outside of Marietas and lots of Jack Crevalle off the north side of Banderas bay, the big Cow Yellowfin Tuna continue to bite on overnight charters 80-120 miles offshore and Billfish and also a few smaller Tuna have been being caught outside of el banco and in open waters 20 miles out from Punta de mita. We have been catching Marlin with live bait or trolling lures at slow speeds offshore captain Steve Torres nailed a 400 lb Black Marlin outside of el Banco last week with live skip jack bait aboard the My Marlin and also caught a the biggest Tuna of the year so far 362 lbs I will post photos soon. both fish were the trophys of the week though he released the Marlin to be caught another day maybe in our 60th international Sailfish and Marlin tournament coming up this November.

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